As a singing teacher I am so privileged to be able to work with some wonderful voices and every single one of them is unique. There is such a pressure nowadays for cloning a ‘celebrity’ sound that we forget at our peril about nurturing and releasing the sound that comes from our souls and bodies and that is unique to us.

When we get it right singing feels easy and good but we so often makes things complicated by all the hidden tensions in our minds and muscles. I hope in this series of blogs that I can pass on some of things I have learned as I teach my students. I won’t be mentioning anyone by name but so often I come across the same dilemmas that I believe it is worth putting out into the world by blogging. 


2 thoughts on “Singunique

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Susan…have just read through some of your blog…how great to read your impressions, your advice based on long experience singing and teaching. Look forward to more postings! E.A.

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