Ten tips for coping with nerves

  1. Confront your judges – who says you can’t do it?
  2. Laugh at yourself, it is not the end of the world if it goes wrong!
  3. Use visualisation – like athletes do – imagine the whole performance – go through the whole process from walking onto the stage to walking off again.
  4. Do you really want to cop out? I always say never again but when someone asks me to sing of course I say Yes!
  5. Don’t rely on lucky charms like rabbit’s feet
  6. Be prepared- the best cure for nerves is knowing you have done all the preparation you can. Rehearse before not during the performance.
  7. Breathe deeply, it calms and centres and prepares you for singing.
  8. Walk purposefully, you start performing as soon as you get out of your seat or the Green room, you become a singer, you are not an ordinary person anymore.
  9. Enjoy the performance, smile, twinkle the eyes, feel the space around you, fill it up with music, you are just a vessel for the composer.
  10. Sing and love the words and the music. You are not the greatest singer in the world, at least not yet, you are not important. Communicate the music, you are the vehicle. Remember very few adults can get up and sing on their own. You are special!

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