Singing in the time of Covid

Today is Super Saturday 4th July and we have had over 100 days of lockdown. As a singer and Singing teacher it has been very challenging and so many plans have gone to waste. I seem to have been busier than ever and I have found that online teaching has been OK, not perfect but if I adapt and plan thoroughly and keep focused it seems to produce results. I have done over 100 daily video singing exercises on WhatsApp which seem to have gone down well and now I have taken a break for the summer.

Today is also my dear departed singing teacher’s birthday  (Mollie Petrie) as well as Independence Day in the USA and I have recently finished 5 days intense virtual conferencing and Zooming. All very encouraging as we move forward and we might even save the planet in the process. Lots of great ideas to think about over the summer.

There is more research available on the vestibular system which controls body balance and sense of wellbeing which is linked with hearing and auditory perception and the sensations of space and movement. So my findings from my PhD are at last finding some sympathetic response in the teaching world. I am sure our ‘temples’ in our skull have a significant part to play in vocalising at an optimum level, otherwise why are they called ‘temples’?

There has been a real focus on the importance for justice for our brothers and sisters of all colour, race and creed around the world and while it will take time my prayer is that we can come out of this pandemic into a better world. But the implications for many are stark with a global economic disaster on the horizon. Some arts organisations are thinking out of the box but it will be very difficult for performers in the coming months with no incomes or venues.

Teaching is going to change that is for certain but singers and musicians are creative artists and we can surely do our best to give our students the quality of teaching experience they deserve.



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