Do I love technology?

Everything updates so often that I find it difficult to make sense of all the changes, but in singing and teaching there is a fundamental basic human stability that is re-assuring. I have to breathe and sing and my body and brain, my heart and soul responds. There is a great temptation to over complicate things, though I acknowledge the need to be fully acquainted, as a teacher, with human anatomy, acoustic science, voice research, repertoire, genres and styles, languages and everything!

We sing because we want to express and emotion, tell a story or just BE as a human being. BEING is the key to a good life, it is active and intentional and in the moment, it has movement and flow in space and time and that is the key to becoming a good singer and a good teacher.

I haven’t time for more thoughts because I do spend my life singing and teaching (rather than blogging and social media marketing) and that is what I hope I can continue to do!