Singing through Cancer

I wasn’t sure whether to write about this but a recent article of mine in the AOTOS magazine produced such a lot of interest I decided I should write about some of my experiences. 2 years ago I had a major operation removing most of the bits and pieces in my abdomen. I made a huge fuss about being a singer and indeed I was very well looked after. Blessed with countless prayers and an amazing surgical team at QA hospital in Portsmouth. I then had 6 sessions of powerful chemo but I managed to get to sing in Carnegie hall NYC only a few weeks after that had finished.
I recently met with another fellow singer who suffered a similar cancer experience and we got chatting about how singing had helped us both through what is a very challenging time for anyone.

I wonder whether I should start a self -help group though I have always been rather averse to them, or perhaps just a listening ear to anyone faced with the effects of medication on their singing voice and career. I am still working on it as an idea so if anyone wants to comment I would be grateful for your reactions. We know that singing is hugely beneficial to any cancer sufferers but in this instance I am a singer and make my living through singing and teaching, so it becomes even more crucial to find a way of Singing Through Cancer.


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