Florence PEVOC2015

It is only a few days now before I go to Florence to present a workshop and paper on the seminal book by Johan Sundberg “The Science of the Singing Voice”. This came out about 25 years ago and as well as other books by great voice scientists it has shaped the way we think and teach singing. So myself and other EVTA colleagues are going to demonstrate and workshop some of the ways we have been influenced by the whole voice science discipline. In Florence 31st August to 2nd September PEVOC, the Pan-European Voice Congress will meet along with MAVEBA, another medical and scientific voice meeting. Why is EVTA going? Well, we believe that we have much still tomlearn about the singing voice and we also sincerely believe that as teachers of singing, we have much to give to voice scientists and doctors.

In our profession we meet the individual singers and the choirs who are using their voices in an intensive way and we see the effects of misuse or the wonders of a free, colourful and dynamic sound. So our practical experience counts for a lot, hence we are doing this workshop for all those interested in learning a little of our expertise. And we want to ask the scientists questions ourselves. What is it that is really important to us as teachers? What do we want more research on, which areas of voice science have practical significance for singers and their teachers? So plenty of discussion to be had!

Already with our Pan-European projects we have explored teaching styles, digital technology and most recently with LeoSings, the diversity of singing across Europe particularly the opportunities for choral singing and A Capella music. We hope to take part in the Singing Roadshow which we hope will be a continuation of this very successful joint venture. EVTA has learnt much from the participating partners and we feel we have also shared some of our knowledge too.

Singing in choirs and as individuals is done at amateur and professional levels and our singing teacher members have to teach all ages and abilities so there is plenty of scope for research!

I will blog again on my return but I am getting excited at the prospect!


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