A unique space

It would seem that we are now in the eighth week of lockdown and there are many who have died of Covid19 and yet we, here in West Sussex have been relatively free of infection. We have enjoyed our beautiful harbour and our garden, and our daily walks. I have been very careful about social distancing and I have done something to help make PPE. I have done little services for Youtube for our Harbour Churches. I have also done lots of sewing and sorting and cleaning.

I have come to the end of semester teaching and marking assessments. But since lockdown began I have done a  daily short 1-2 minute video which I have sent via WhatsApp to my students and choirs. It has been a really good challenge for me to think of fresh approaches to breath, energy, focus, timbre and resonance.

I am now working on a Workbook for French for Singing and I am trying to work out how I can put a video lesson into my blog about Exsultate Jubilate.

I have been wary about posting a picture of myself but here goes and I think I need to become more adventurous and creative with my blog.



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