Too busy to blog

Well it is August 2022 and I haven’t had time to write anything for so long! But it has been busy with work for singing teaching, church, embroidery, house, garden, boats and family.

I’m just about to go to Tallinn in Estonia for Pevoc, having just came back from Vienna and ICVT. All these huge events delayed due to the pandemic but finally happening and it has been truly wonderful to meet up with faces I have only seen on Zoom!

BUT international connectivity is taking off, the world is a smaller place post Covid and there are lots of exciting visions coming to fruition. I am trying to keep notes on everything but it has been a whirlwind and my head is busy with new thoughts and old thoughts I had forgotten.

Singing has been a life saver but I would say my breath is not as good as it was, having had mild Covid, but I hope to get back to some discipline once this busy summer is over and improve my depth and range. It is noticeable in many singers I find, the lack of breath strength…

The highlight musically has been the Poulenc double bill at Glyndebourne, in spite of my heat stroke, it was a truly outstanding evening of singing, production, design, orchestra everything worked! How fortunate to have experienced it live and I am returning to the soundworld of Pelleas again which I fell in love with as a student, many years ago.

My embroidery has been a great solace throughout the pandemic and lockdowns, such challenges but also real sense of achievement in difficult techniques and a time to pray and reflect. Sadly the heatwave has meant I haven’t felt able to lift a needle let alone anything else.

Back to work, very soon and then teach, sing and stop writing emails!


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