New year, new beginnings

It has been a long time since I blogged but I have been busy teaching and singing and it gets a bit frantic coming up to Christmas. I’ve just got back from Paris where we had the European Voice Teachers Association Board meeting near the Bastille where the shooting took place. It is such a shock to have been walking on the same streets as those poor victims. It makes me realise how important it is to keep these joint projects going, meeting people from all backgrounds and cultures, sharing singing and songs, learning from each other and respecting different belief systems. I believe and know that God is love and any God that is portrayed differently is not the true God. We need love in the world and we need people of all faiths to stand up for freedom, peace, justice and respect.
Musicians, singers, poets and artists all have a duty to encourage the creativity of all humankind, God’s life-giving, hope-affirming spirit is within everyone of us, whatever our ‘religion’ or atheism. Violence and destruction, terrorism and murder will kill the perpetrators’ soul and they will have no peace from their wickedness.
I fervently pray that the terrible atrocities of recent days will bring governments to realise that extremism of all kinds needs urgent attention and wisdom in tackling the underlying causes.

I will get back to singing blogs very shortly… Just so shocked! Je Suis Charlie


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