February post

Well it is almost a year that I have been blogging so it is time to review whether these have been useful or not, to me or to others. I realise I have to be careful as some silly typos have got through.
Teaching singing is a a complex process and it is not always possible to express this in a blog. For example today I have had a variety of students, all needing a slightly different approach to the same goals.
I want my students to sing with all their voice and body, to be expressive, to sing with ease and no stress or strain and yet working to their full capacity. This means stretching the ideas the students have of their own capabilities; moving them beyond the sound world that they are limited to.

When I work around Europe I am aware of how cultural experience colours our own tonal palette and often limits us to the possibilities of producing sung sound. We need to get our students to explore different languages, poetry, colours and concepts. Next month I am off to Freiburg with the LEOSings project and I know I will be stimulated by the sounds and ideas I hear and share with others.


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