Networking with singing and teaching

I’m in Freiburg at the moment at the fourth LEOSings event. We have had some excellent presentations and lots of fun warm-ups. But I am having to really challenge myself about how we use social media to develop our ideas and also to spread what we understand about singing and teaching to a wider audience. Learning about overtone singing, and gestures and movement when we sing have been excellent sessions.

I want the singing teachers to be more involved in these projects. So many warm ups are more physical than vocal. I could say are we really singing? I love all the vocal percussion and beat boxing they are such great fun but they are not singing and don’t pretend to be. How can we as singing teachers make vocalising as fun and as rhythmic as these contemporary styles. Someone asked me why we had not more ‘classical’ singing in these sessions.

I like the use of space and movement when we do vocal noises and this can be transferred to actual singing.


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