Eurovox 2015 Riga

Phew! It is all over and I am sad but also relieved that it all went so well. No blogs for the past few months because of this big event organised by the Latvian Singing Teachers Association and the European Voice Teachers Association. We finished with an amazing summer solstice party with 25 countries singing and dancing together wearing floral and oak leaf crowns.
But we had some amazing speakers including the Grand Lady of Voice, Kristin Linklater. The things I hold onto at all these conferences are the golden nuggets of Information, that help me to view singing and my own teaching in a new and creative way. I’ve also been involved in the LeoSings Project in the last two years but more of that later.

I will write about some of these ideas and how I have used them in later blogs but for now it’s back to the minutes of the EVTA COuncil and Board, waiting to be finished.


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