Singing in the rain

Here I am in Paris just after the terrible events of 13/11/15. Here to talk about singing but with tears in my heart and yet it is so important to continue with the work of the European Teachers of Voice EVTA and also LeoSings with our partners across Europe. We celebrate the diversity of singing and how music and song can heal divisions, honour our unique culture, and restore identity.

It feels very strange walking the streets, being brave to have a coffee, sitting on the boulevard, going to the shops, carrying on a ‘normal’ way of life while mourning the loss of so many innocent lives.

Life is about living, being, and trying to be good. No one is good but God and we share with Moslems, Christians and Jews the same God. But He is greater than all the human limitations that we make in our religious responses to our Creator.

So when we sing we pray, even if we are not sure who we are praying too. The unanswered questions like Bernstein and Rilke  spoke about will be with us till we pass to the other side. We must live the questions, live the songs, live the cries of pain and grief and share the love.

The Pelican bares her breast and pierces her heart so that the blood will be drunk by her children that they may live. She sacrifices herself for the future. It does not make sacrifice a good thing but it is the response we make to those who who have been sacrificed that makes the difference.


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