A New Year – a new beginning

I wonder if anyone is like me in searching for new ways of saying the same things. Singing is such a universal and natural expression of who we are that, in many ways, there is nothing ‘new’ to add and yet…

So each break between university terms I search and this year I’ve been reading about porcelain in Edmund de Waal’s The White Road, looking at the art of David Jones, reading Tom Wright on contemplation, and Simon Schama on The Face of Britain. I tend to move towards poetry and art rather than music and song. I hope that my students are also following my suggestions of walking in the countryside, reading poetry and visiting art galleries in the vacation.

What have I discovered? Something about the layers of meaning to all art, the pursuit of the purest ideals. I am going to simplify my ten tips and start putting them on to my blog. Meanwhile the house needs a good clean out too so I’ll sign out now.


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