New ways of teaching

Well as I write this on St. Patrick’s Day 2020 I reflect on the unusual times in which we are living. So now I am teaching at home and on-line and I am so grateful that I took part in the Leo project back in 2010 with EVTA on digital resources for singing teachers. I am having to brush up my skills and look at which are the best options.

It is a difficult time for so many people and peripatetic teachers, and self-employed singers are losing gigs everywhere, opera houses and concert halls are closing.

I think it is time to assess what are the most useful things we can do to keep our voices in tip top condition so I am offering another Ten Tips for Isolation Singing.

Ten Tips for Isolation Singing

  1. Always warm-up the voice as if your life depended on it. Half hearted singing just tires you out and is not good for the voice.
  2. Always check your body for unwanted tensions and RELEASE all those worries away. It is a discipline we all need to WORK on.
  3. High hums and resonance but NOT heavy singing. Energetic and energising, enthusiasm, exploring the sounds you have in your body.
  4. Find creative ways to practice and always sing music you love, choose composers who write for the voice, luxuriate in their melodies.
  5. Any singing is good, sing as you do the house work, singing in the garden, be a full bodied, full time singer and any music that makes you FEEL good, singalong to the radio or CDs.
  6. Be curious and find out all you can about the composer, the lyric writer, the poet.
  7. Explore the repertoire of singers you admire, you can find new songs to sing.
  8. Find on-line resources but be critical of what you see, there is rubbish out there!
  9. Ask for help from teachers you trust, we all need reassurance that we are doing the right things
  10. Never sing if it hurts! Rest and take care of your body and your soul and your voice.

And work on your immune system, eat Shitake Mushrooms, colourful and spicy foods, plus Vitamin C foods.


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